You will be less hesitant to modify it than a boat that you spend 3 or 4 times more for so modify away!! This canoe is stable. We bought it because it looked like a fun, sporty boat, which it is. I have so modified the canoe slightly by adding two flush mount rod holders in the stern. I have the Adventure 14 and I really like the handling and stability of it. I bought a Passage 14 about a week ago, I had read all the reviews and I noticed some people think it is tippy. I wish there was a way to take the middle seat out when canoeing with another to store gear, other than that it is great! This is the first canoe I have owned and my 10 yr old son and I use it to fish and paddle lakes and rivers (class 2 rapids max.) Required fields are marked * I'm not taking a canoe like this on those....go buy a canoe made for that. I highly recommend this process for loading and unloading and it reduces the stress of wondering if your be able to get the canoe on and off your vehicle when you don't have a second set of hands around. My sister has two canoes, one of which is an Adventure 14 and after using it and her other, I had to have one. Handles wonderfully whether solo or tandem. Has a bit more room and fills the void we had for 2 up! The seats are awesome and after a 340mi float my rear end was pain free with a the help of a stadium cushion. Share with: Link: Copy link. The seats were nice additions compared to some of the other canoes I've paddled that didn't have the backrest to them. ", I rate it an 8 as it could use some better rod holders (if that is even what those holes in front of the seats are) and a built in cooler might be nice, no? Mad River Canoe Adventure 14' - $350 (Medina, TN) Mad River Canoe, Adventure, 14',set up for trolling motor, or smallOutboard motor, $769.00 new now $350.00. I fish the Fla. intercostal bays and I added 40 lb of weights in a heavy duty carry on bag giving me great control. I did some research & knew I wanted this one. Still looks great. Furthermore, this is the kind of canoe that won’t have you relying on another paddler for safety as … This is the single biggest con to me. We've taken a few river trips on the Ohio and a couple others. I have had it for several years. Love this canoe, and would recommend it to anyone! It may not be the quickest through the water, or designed for anything above moderate white water, but what you get is a stable, comfortable, well made canoe for not a lot of money. Handles nicely, very stable compared to standard canoes and very durable. Talk about comfy, no more knees to my chest, prostate crushing, back rest lacking, hard flat-seated torment for me! At a big discount and with it on sale, I scored the canoe for $375!! My brother and I have no trouble carrying it and fishing gear inside down a trail, and neither of us are in great physical condition. ($53.90 - $1,199.95) Find great deals on the latest styles of Mad river canoe adventure 14 seat. The canoe handled this just fine and cut over the waves with little effect on the boat. I sold the Pelican and got the Mad River Adventure. Later on, the wind calmed down and the canoe handled just as well in the conditions. A great canoe for getting active; for sportsmen, families or as a second canoe, the Adventure 14 is an amazing value. I just got me a 14ft Colemen Scanoe from Dicks and I like it If you are wanting a canoe for white water or touring you need to look elsewhere but for a leisurely day on a lake or neutral river you won't find any better for the money. I took the Mad River down Etowah Falls (Class IV) smooth as silk using this technique. Best versatile tandem/single canoe/kayak EVER! We could not get near the fish with that bright noisy thing! The canoe was great, I especially like taking it out by myself. About 15 bucks each at dicks and well worth it. Of course, fishing with a dog and a 2 year old (not to mention a wife who's patience was growing slim) did not have the same appeal as just myself and another buddy...what can I say? Another recommended boat thanks to my friend Joe who bought one 3 years ago. Fished out of it with no problems, never had too much of a problem with it tipping.