The most common test for testing wood hardness is known as the Janka hardness test. Something to keep in mind: ‘Every single wand is unique and will depend for its character on the particular tree and magical creature from which it derives its materials. Physical Description: ... in nearly all physical ways (besides maybe strength. Not surprisingly, with its prickly thorns, dark wood and bitter fruit, the blackthorn was regarded as a symbol of fierceness and strength. Blackthorn Wood Shaft of Around 5/8 to 3/4 Inches Natural Wood - No Two Sticks are the same. Maple is not only a strong wood, it is abrasion resistant, so it will last for many miles on the trail. can be used in allometric equations that estimate tree biomass and carbon stocks from stem diameter values (e.g. A ‘black rod’ is a Blackthorn wand with fixed thorns on the end, used to cause harm to others. By Romany Reagan ‘The blackthorn full of spines—but how the child delights in its fruit.’ — ‘Cad Goddeu’, 14th-century Welsh poem The blackthorn tree fascinates because of its inherent duality. he doesn't work out nearly enough, unlike his peers.) This razor was commissioned by a man proud of his family history, the O’Brien family of Ireland. A common use of Janka hardness ratings is to determine whether a species is suitable for use as flooring. Blackthorn is a richly-textured Irish wood traditionally used to create shilleaghs, or fighting sticks. Shillelaghs designed form it use only straight lengths of stout blackthorn wood with spiny thorns covering it. Blackthorn, which is a very unusual wand wood, has the reputation, in my view well-merited, of being best suited to a warrior. 11.Blackthorn-“Good to burn inside” Blackthorn wood is very hard and delivers great heat value to put it on our list. The blackthorn wood was available easily and in large quantities species of high hardness and stiffness – it grew on each side of the road. Irish Blackthorn is similar to rattan in resilience but has to be imported and is very expensive. • This wand wood is always happiest when working with those of clear moral vision. Blackthorn wood is known for not producing much smoke so it … ... Favoured for its strength and beauty, chestnut wood is used merely for fashioning aesthetically-appealing wands. With a natural painted black with a rough texture, the sturdy walking stick fits well in people’s hand. Frequently bought together + Total price: $120.96. Blackthorn, which is a very unusual wand wood, has the reputation, in my view well-merited, of being best suited to a warrior. In British folklore, a Witch will use a Blackthorn … Ash’s combination of strength and durability lead many tool manufacturers to use it to make tool handles. O’Brien’s Shillelagh – 7/8 Forge Finish, Blackthorn Wood, Fine Silver A blade with strength, thoughtfulness, heritage, and humility. Sanding those thorns leaves a nubby¸ knotty appearance that immediately marks this walking stick as a high-quality blackthorn … Antique Edwardian Period Blackthorn wood Walking Stick Deer Antler Handle With Silver Collar Circa 1910 A lovely vintage Edwardian Period walking stick, the shaft of English blackthorn with heavy brass ferrule to protect tip. Wood Hardness Chart Species (Alphabetical) Hardness Species (by Hardness) Hardness Mahogany, Honduran 800 Padauk 1725 Mahogany, Santos 2200 Tabaccowood 1750 Maple, Hard North American 1450 Rosewood, Bolivian 1780 Maple, Ivory 1500 Bamboo, Carbonized 1800 Maple, Soft 999 Hickory 1820 Merbau 1925 Pecan 1820 Mesquite 2345 Yellowheart 1820 The weight of the stick is certainly something you should consider according to your strength, body weight, health condition and time of use. Blackthorn wands available in two varieties. Blackthorn became the wood of choice due to its beauty and durability. I know about rattans flexible strength but it tends to be far too light to carry much momentum. The leaves, flowers, seeds, and fruits are used to make medicine. 21,9 cm blackthorn wood and phoenix feather . ... a walking stick that is now globally revered for its strength, and a resilient companion that will stand by you for years without flinching. Hickory is good as well. Most important, it resists suddenly applied loads very well. I've made several of my own walking sticks that I carry very day. It has the right rigidity for a walking stick, though certainly not the desired strength. Blackthorn is heavy. What in your opinion is the most durable wood for a fighting stick? While growing the Blackthorn bush is covered in sharp spines which leaves the finished cane with it's infamous knotted appearance. Our Blackthorn Walking Stick is a handsome cane worthy of being a family heirloom. Buckthorn’s overall color is close to the appearance of Canarywood.. Grain/Texture: Has a tight grain, with a fine uniform texture and moderate natural luster. • Poplar is a wand to rely upon – of consistency, strength and uniform power. From Christianity, Blackthorn is seen as a sinister tree and associated with Witches. That extra weight adds to the strength of its strike and makes it a slightly more refined tool than your common club. Fir, pine, spruce and hemlock are the main sources of structural lumber.Framing lumber is the main go-to lumber for framing and building. O ur 'Druid' wands have been treated with the waters from St. Fiach's Well, continuing the ancient tradition and connecting with the spirituality of nature. if your stick is to 1½ inch diameter and 36 inches long, then it should be close to 2 pounds in weight. by Eric Meier. Blackthorn was [and is now] often used for ‘binding and blasting’. Rot Resistance: No data available. The walking stick is made of blackthorn, which is a hard and durable wood grown in Ireland. As such, not many wandmakers like to make their wands with blackthorn. Corby, Blackthorn Wood Golf Complex LE16 8XJ 01536 403119 Matthew Gill founder of GolfingPlus has gained a wealth of experience operating golf Academies at some of the finest resorts around the world. Wood density database records the dry weight per unit volume of wood for particular species, it is an important parameter for :. Blackthorn wood is grown in Ireland and has been a favorite of European gentlemen for centuries because of it's strength and distinctive knotted look. In the 19th Century, it belonged in his form as a walking stick naturally to the appearance of an Irish gentleman, until modern times disputes were often discharged with the Shillelagh . Kingfisher Woodworks specializes in weapons of this wood, because among American woods, it is the best in terms of a combination of high bending strength, stiffness, hardness, and resistance to shock. Blackthorn wands: In ogham, the blackthorn is regarded as an increaser of secrets and the "rune of the great wheel". All have handles made from the root that has been polished off. The blackthorn wood was considered a tree containing anomalies of magical impurities that gave off a variety of effects. A wand or staff made from this wood has great power. Its dense wood was prized for use as a blackthorn stick, known as a ‘shillelagh’. Its vicious black thorns make it impenetrable and it is a tree of great density and strength. Blackthorn wood is a type of oak tree and the popular canes made from their wood are known as the traditional Irish country walking stick and is highly sought after. The Janka hardness test (from the Austrian-born emigrant Gabriel Janka, 1864–1932) measures the resistance of a sample of wood to denting and wear. Irish folk belief had it that such a stick provided protection against harm. Similarly, they make excellent, if heavy, walking sticks. Golfing Plus Shop & Range Corby, Blackthorn Wood Golf Complex. Overview Information Sea buckthorn is a plant. When lumber is grouped like this, it's been graded for structural performance. W = 0.11 r D 2+c, Ketterings et al. The old relationship with the crone led the Christians to link the blackthorn with witches and dark magic. The blackthorn tree is short and stumpy, and pieces of wood long enough to create walking sticks are extremely rare. American hornbeam is the closest thing to Irish Blackthorn that we have. It was said that witches used thorny blackthorn wands to curse people and had magic walking sticks of blackthorn wood with which to cause trouble. Wood species - Blackthorn, Blackthorn, Sloe, Prunus spinosa - Specific gravity - Modulus of rupture - Crushing Strength - Elastic Modulus Very tough, kind of knotty. LE16 8XJ 01536 403119 Golfing Plus Store, Shop, Range and Coaching. By durable I mean the ability to hold up to repeated impact of training. It measures the force required to embed an 11.28 millimetres (0.444 in) diameter steel ball halfway into a sample of wood. Witches were said to use blackthorn wands. The three woods are often a combination of hemlock, spruce and Douglas fir, and sometimes marketed generically as Hem-fir, hem-fir-spruce, or even spruce-pine-fir. Blackthorn bushes are found throughout Ireland though with modern agricultural methods they are becoming less prevalent making a Blackthorn Stick even more unique . Maple wood is known for its strength and endurance. A simple weapon of Irish tradition, the shillelagh is typically made from oak or blackthorn wood, although many materials can be substituted. See more ideas about blackthorn walking stick, walking sticks and canes, walking sticks. About the Stick Maker: Francis McCaffrey graduated with a business degree and started out as an investment banker with Chase Manhattan, as it was known at the time. Blackthorn . Jul 19, 2020 - Explore Charles Dyer's board "Blackthorn walking stick" on Pinterest. Blackthorn is renowned for its hardness being one of the tougher woods in the wild. The wood is mostly used in furniture and many musical instruments like guitar etc. Deer antler handle in the traditional "L" shape with silver metal collar. Shillelagh. The actual number listed in the wood profile is the amount of pounds-force (lb f) or newtons (N) required to imbed a .444″ (11.28 mm) diameter steel ball into the wood to half the ball’s diameter. Below from left to right; maple, Irish blackthorn, hickory, hornbeam, and another blackthorn. Color/Appearance: Heartwood is a yellowish-orange, sometimes with darker red or brown streaks. This traditional country stick is known for its unique hue. On one hand, a folkloric symbol for strength, overcoming adversity, purification, and protection, it is also considered a trickster, bad luck if crossed, and easily… Sapwood is a pale off-white or straw color. 2001. Additional information. Check out our blackthorn wiccan selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. And it does tend to grow in clumps, depending on the species, which would account for a root collar of that size on a stem that narrow.