Bored to death was hilarious with no end really in sight, would have enjoyed more of it tho. Love the new series “The night of” Will there be a new series now that Episode 8 had such an anticlimactic end? I know this isn’t really your expertise, but I love this list and was wondering if there was a similar list for Showtime shows somewhere. “7 Days In Hell” is an HBO movie just announced for July 11th, “Doll and Em” should be moved from “cancelled”, “Big Little Lies” has just been confirmed. No we cannot find news on it yet. .And of course “Real Time With Bill Maher”….Mr. Oh Crap Really! Hello, my name is Miss faith, I’m from USA. I am so disappointed and sad to learn that this series was cancelled. It’s quite interesting re watching the series after having read the material in the books. when is angry boys coming back miss that show so much. We're just big fans! Another show that I would like to see HBO pick up is “Dead Like Me” I know its and old show and I don’t even know if HBO had it in the first place…, I think though that it would be awesome if they could fund atleast one more season to see if it will take off again. Sorry to hear about Hung and BtD. I was looking forward to the next series after Boardwalk Empire and now GOT doesn’t start until Mark 2013? Here’s the latest about a Ridley Scott Ancient Aleins in Egypt series on HBO just from today: It won’t likely return until January 2016. But it could easily have been edited down into a two hour film and lost nothing. I am a huge fan of Real Life with Bill Maher, whilst he has a clear political preference, I still feel he is relatively fair to the “opposition”, especially if you consider how the other side would likely act in the same situation … Anyway I like he is not afraid to say what he thinks, even if he may not always be correct or fully unbiased. Does anyone know when girls season 5 will start? I agree that the number of quality shows on HBO has declined in recent times. I’m just betting on something within 2 months of that date. My guess is they just weren’t impressed with the pilot, which is not totally unbelievable. 12 eps really? HBO brings the … The World Series gets underway tonight when the Los Angeles Dodgers take on the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 1 of a best-of-7 showdown to crown the … A series really cool to come this 2015 and you can not miss the excellent plot that manages it ; Magnifica 70 , a series produced by HBO. I feel it was a superbly written show but they cast the wrong person int he lead. God I miss Deadwood. Yes how to make it in America was the bomb! Search on your schedule guide of your cable or satellite provider and see if they have unscrambled the channel. It filmed in the Old Salem area in Mass. East of China Sea! Only America is a little unfair… I agree, but why post it on HBO’s page. Game of Thrones you rock wouldhave like to see another seaon of enlighted just to finish it. Didn’t Dwayne Johnson already say/leak that Ballers premieres in June? tks mary w. hamilton. ), unless you cancel through HBO Max. Main character became a servant or something to make money and take care of his family. I do wish HBO would put out more recent movies more than once a week the same ole same ole has gotten old and they charge a lot to watch the same movies over and over. So they make a whole show about white people doing illegal shit just to not hurt Black people feelings and so Black people can buy products? What the hell is with the cancellation of the newsroom? What a shame. season 3.. i hope we are still alive at march 31st 2013. HBO usually takes the Holidays off (with series’, at least) as most networks tend to do. is obviously aware that the pen!s seems to pop up in every other scene. She is a GODDESS…. No, this is a show for YOUNG WOMEN, don’t lump the rest of us in here! Not worth my 20.00 a month anymore. Start the new year off right with HBO’s must-see series, movies, and documentaries. Happily N’ever After 2: Snow White they’ve taken this on a whole different rollercoaster. This show has Boardwalk Empire potential!!! Sunday, September 11. It was so good I will always want more! I miss carnivale too :(, #MorninGangMusic. But there is NO EXCUSE for cutting Bored to Death – that was a fucking awesome show!! Also, not all dark people in the series are slaves. How can Game of Thrones and Candelabra be on at the same time of the same day? “Girls” may be the worst series ever put on HBO. Nice. Worth Winning, The Mummy really jesus… ur clearly one of a kind, true detective was amazing and woulda been the best of this year if fargo didnt happen and game of thrones was great as always, couldnt pay me to watch looking. HBO, Home Box Office, HBO Asia Originals. I am in love with this show! HBO is *not* the only cable network to put out quality. Rob – no one is making you watch Real Time… and when it comes to loving the sound of his own voice, he is busy making Republicans look worse than bad, more like batsh*t crazy. I loved that show. it looks to me like HBO is going on a more feminime side.. they cancle all the kool guy shows like entourage, hung, make it in america bored to death… And in return we get stupid chick shows like girls, veep, and that dumb politics show… I tried watching hello ladies, but those retard nerds on it did not do it for me… lately im more into showtime, since they seem to focus more on us guys,, ray donovan, californaction, shameless and homeland are great shows at the moment…. This is a listing of programs that HBO has commissioned or co-commissioned in its history. Or you can watch them all on the streaming sites HBONow or HBOGo depending on how you subscribe. I do not understand how hbo intends to be in the running for anything this year when the premieres of there shows are between a year and 18 months after each season finale this year i was so excited when canada got hbo but honestly cancellation is looming why should i pay cable fees for 18 months of reruns hbo has great shows but its a graveyard shows go there to die….. bad programming….. to bad hbo used to be great. boyfriend called me and rushed back home, things just changed between us I’m already paying a grip just to have xfinity HD. HBO Max Is on PS5 Now! she isn’t in the second half of the third book very much. HBO has a lot of great stuff coming to replace those shows. We will look into whether we will remain to use that criteria. All the movie channels do this and it’s aggravating. HBO Asia is the Southeast Asian division of HBO.It was originally launched on 1 May 1992 as MovieVision, later rebranded on 1 June 1995 to its current name after being purchased by Home Box Office, Inc. It would be good to have the info of confirmed series rather than ones that are out of date/never to air. What is the airing date for Foo Fighters Sonic Highways? Song of Ice and Fire is doing well, Dark Tower was great until the ending, American Gods is a great idea even though they should totally do Sandman. Stream Friends, Looney Tunes Cartoons, Wonder Woman, the Studio Ghibli collection, and so much more.. HBO is the streaming option for all of HBO… But whatever, it’ll be a treat to see. No more Hung, No more Bored to Death, NO MORE HBO SUBSCRIPTION! “Banshee (Season 3) Third Season to Air Winter 2015*” Shocking!!! Wow what conviction you have! I enjoyed 3yrs of love and sweet romance as his wife before the devil came into our home, his ex-girlfriend worked voodoo on him, she made him show me the bad side of him and also caused our divorce. Savages And like you, the ratings suck! I’ll add it to the schedule once we know for sure! We are working on it. Astro SuperSport 2 - Live Soccer TV - Football TV Listings, Official Live Streams, Live Soccer Scores, Fixtures, Tables, Results, News, Pubs and Video Highlights. It’s a miracle I never believed it was possible because I had lost Astro Customer Supports Support: 603-9543 1543 Email: FUcking bullshit. Channel Name Owner/Parent Company 101 TV1 Radio Televisyen Malaysia 102 TV2 Radio Televisyen Malaysia 103 TV3 Media Prima Berhad 104 Astro Ria HD So amazing that they’re bringing it back. And is it coming back??? Season 5 started off slow and ended with a bang! All viewers were greatly disappointed. So was Bored to death and Hung. And yes, it is WAAAAAY too soon to go away IMO. Make some cuts, maybe just have a few minor characters per episode and just alternate. I don’t understand these decisions. I really hope this is renewed for a full season. excellent cast, writing/plots are terrific In total it’s excellent. STARS have a hateful double standard when it comes to full frontal First, amc, not a&e, second, not shity, great, and to more entertain you, 13episodes, not just ten! I watched a few episodes of the following season, but it just wasn’t the same. Dim Sum Funeral Success has made him arrogant. Where’s season three, though??? “Blacks” were favorable in the southern US because of their genetic resistance to viruses such as malaria(among other reasons.) I think that they should bring back or do a new version of OZ. The show was cancelled after it’s second series. I agree! Yes, we know. Check HBO’s daily TV schedule for that kind of information! You people care far too much about television. 2 Special Episodes; the first is Sunday, December 06 at 9:00pm; Hi, I’d also very much like to know when Parade’s End is scheduled to run in the U.S. Check out Summer Heights High if you haven’t already. I enjoyed HUNG, to bad they could of had a great ending. Watch for it. It’s actually 75 days until April 6th. Same with Treme. what i don’t understand is i can’t find anything about it on the HBO sights.. does anyone know any information about yue fei airing in america. You’ve come to the right place because we’ve got all of the latest HBO … HBO; Cinemax; FOX Movies; FOX Family Movies; FOX Action Movies; tvN Movies; Celestial Movies; Astro Citra; Tayangan Hebat; Thangathirai; BollyOne ; HITS Movies; Celestial Classic Movies ; Some of the key highlights include the new season of “Westworld” on HBO as well as blockbuster movies such as “Avengers: End Game” on Fox Movies and “Parasite” on tvN Movies. Counting the days until I can watch again! I hate to sound like a broken record, but this one THE NEWSROOM question keeps on getting asked over and over. True detective will be nothing without martin and mccohnaughey, lisa, maggie and so on…Brad pitt, stone,kate mara.. are over rated and are not actors for crime, detective, or anthology shows…season two will be a disappointment without mcchonauhey and woody. I’M COMMENTING FOR MY SELF AND A NUMBER OF FRIENDS I KNOW AND WE ARE TIRED OF PAYING A MONTHLY FEE AND THE ONLY THING HBO GIVES US IN PRIMETIME AND LATE AT NIGHT IS REPEATS AND REPEATS OF MOVIES TO THE POINT OF RIDICULOUSNESS. New shows, episodes, movies, documentaries, and more. Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood I loved rome, hung, big love, 6 feet undet. They have more 2 add 2 dat now. Gonna miss Game Of Thrones it had more seasons than originally planned for and feel if Mr Martin wasn’t having health problems keeping him from writing more books we’d not be looking at the final season in 2018. Please kindly remove your anal-cranial inversion and continue on in a forward motion. Treme is at base, snobbish, self-serving, and it doesn’t allow outsiders in on its too-long, too-tortured scenes that debate which obscure jazz trumpeter played what obscure drummer, or why so-and-so from this or that neighborhood can’t wear red feathers. worse because he started going to bars and strip clubs frequently with I am sure plenty of talented people out here that can come up with some more 20 minute shows.. u KNEW it would be a huge succes! Still upset about all three of those. Maybe he didnt really jump into the river????? January 4 at 9 pm: 30 Coins, series premiere He was one of the greatest storytellers in history. It has everything (except people shooting each other–so far at least). Speaking of crap, Shameless and Homeland are both just that. And she isn’t in the fourth book at all…. Oh my! For all the people who don’t like trueblood or hbo then don’t watch or take it of your package instead of complaining it very simple solution I for one love trueblood an game of thrones cant wait for it to start I hate the time in between shows that’s stupid to me but the only reason I pay for hbo is for those two shows :) I’m hooked keep making more trueblood !! Gaming Headset, Gaming Headphones. I will not pay for HBO without it. It is on HBO Go. HBO, I’m ready to beg you to bring “How To Make It In America” back. Looked very bizarre and peeked our interest. Why the hell is GOT not airing until July? At least let Spartacus and his men get their people to safety away from the Romans. Half of what you read states it will appear yet in 2016 while others say it will make a great launch for Winter 2017. It puts all other shows to shame with the brilliant writing and ultra talented actors. HBO has nothing to do about that, that’s what makes them so great. Although, I love True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, and Newsroom. Now u cancel other highly rated shows. The content you are trying to access is only available to members. I was so entertained with this delightful series that I watched all episodes in one day. I want to raise hell who do I voice my opinion too. What Such a witty and honest show! January: The Lady and the Dale, HBO Docuseries premiere, January 1 at 7:45 pm: Little Con Lili : / Pretty bummed! I am sooo happy to hear that Treme will return in the fall of 2012! Yeah, where is it? If you search you can find the creator online talking about what he planned for the characters and some of the storyline. Liberals are elitists? It always was stupid. vag!na from being visible! The Scorpion King, Ad Astra I havent been to NOLA in 20 years, but the minute the theme starts playing, I am jumping up to dance, and can almost smell the best Please comment with any further corrections you see. You HAVE TO continue to make season 3! Why it’s tbd now? Just relax and enjoy the show. And I’m glad to know Girls signed for season 3 ;). they pretty much exhausted themselves because they were trying to stay close to the true history….. Please stop making True Blood so cheesy and get back to the root of it. Always willing to show a peniis, but NEVER a vag!na. I thought too much like Lewis without the character development. 1st time since 1997 considering canceling; Newsroom should have stayed, then True Blood gets a little stale & gone. Bill is a comic and political genius. Please, DO IT! 6 monts after the UK premiere? Twins I’m so happy to see that HBO’s Getting On is getting renewed for the 3rd season. :-D As was Enlightened. Sorry we dont have more air date info! THe BBC has recently announced that the limited series will air in the UK starting August 27, 2017. wish i didn’t have to wait till next yr to see s3. Do yourself a favour and get into them. Source: But seeing Michael Douglas & Matt Damon doin there roles. I never really believed in any of these things but when I was losing Garvin, I needed help and somewhere to turn badly. And loved. I need help there’s anyone know if The Comeback going to return for season 3 if you know please respond thank you!*. HBO used to be great. Girls and Veep are both awesome! Give me something to watch soon or bye bye HBO. Your credibility is completely diminished when over half of your list is incorrect or TBD. what are they thinking? was about 2 lesbian lovers that host a party to introduce their new line of adult toys. Please don’t end The Newsroom! Actual character development and plot requires too much brain power. then cancel again…, HBO you have really let me down with your A blockbuster fall of 2013 Alantic City Movie premiere, would be genius. It’s a really entertaining, intelligent show with alot of creativity and enough material to go on for a number of seasons! When we hear anything concrete we will certainly announce it. I hate when people complain…Every season started end of march and first few weeks of april..Now people re complaing about…Every show out there has a premiere 1 year later,,,Dawww. plz u must do another show with the true blood cast please they were all perfect together true blood was the best 7 years of my life. Ending at 4 seems too short. At least Eastbound And Down is coming back, that is another show that made me mad when it got cancelled. info. pubiic wig in place! Do you mean demographic, instead of democratic? I am getting tired of waiting so long for Game of Thrones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i read all episodes of shanghai bunt and it was fantastic. Biored to death unfortunately, I found was an acquired taste. The way things were meant to be.” you can contact the spell caster on [email protected] he’s very nice and great. Thanks to Dr Sk for saving my life from Hiv Aids….Am now negative. I don’t think they’re just canceling all of these shows.., they get a little bland after a while and sort of repetitive! I’d suggest renting them or checking it out at a library! Eye candy with substance! …sorry, i disagree that this show appeals to all women-frankly i find it SCARY that young women today act this insipid and shallow. No we haven’t seen anything but we are keeping a close eye for anything about it believe me. I wish they would reboot tales from the crypt. Anyone know when The Game of Thrones is out ??? Please don’t ignore the people. game of thrones realise in 2013 ? Many of its themes work better in England then here. Either way I’d love to see some new episodes air sometime somewhere! The Camerons. The season will debut on January 16, 2016…and new episodes will debut each Saturday (9AM ET/PT) from 1/16/16 until 9/3/16. Hello, are you sure Enlightened will premiere on the fall? It was a built in close date. HBO: 412 HD 432 Cinemax: 413 HD 433 FOX Movies: 414 HD: FOX Family Movies: 415 HD: FOX Action Movies: 471 HD – 479 HD: Astro First 482 HD – 489 HD: Astro Best Berita. You HBO needs to rehaul all of their programming ! I want to be entertained not boared to tears. Ian MacShane was absolute perfection as Cy. Also it ended in 2008, not 2014. I really loved that show and the mixtapes they published. I wish Matthew McConaughey was going to stick around for season 2 though. Still very angry that they abruptly stopped Deadwood so David Milch could pursue that passion piece (of shit). It’s a very clever show and woman of ALL ages can relate! Is Homeland coming back? He gave me the reason to spend my entire life with him. At least they gave Carnivale some closure but Rome just fell off the map. Now, the retired left-hander is getting the Hollywood treatment. Thank you. Pretty please, its the best show ever made in my humble opinion, even better than game of thrones. Starz created Spartacus, which is one of the best shows ever on television. “HBO continues to take the risks of producing cutting-edge television programs that other networks don’t have the guts to make.” Lol. Hmm really have no idea. Willard Has filming started? All the music stuff is over my head and I still love Treme. He no longer wanted to make it. BBC has scheduled it for August 24. Astro IPTV Sales Sales: 017-2809899 Whatsapp: 017-2809899. This schedule is listing outdated news as 2015 schedule information. I love Boardwalk Empire,Girls, Treme and getting into VEEP. So whats ever happen to The Cocaine Cowboys HBO Series? They can do each section as a new season and maybe tie all of the seasons together in the final season. Watch Astro Boy available now on HBO. I think true blood and Game of Thrones should have two seasons a year. I loved The West Wing and they went on for many GREAT YEARS Newsroom should do the same’ I want to see “Newsroom Season 12 Will be the last for HBO” Nothing Less Will Do! Enlightened cancelled? I am I agree. Most of its premiere season is ready and they have resumed production already to complete the remaining episodes in the production. Home/ HEADLINE|Here’s everything coming to HBO Max in July 2020 HEADLINE|Here’s everything coming to HBO Max in July 2020 Does anyone know the name of the adult show that was on around 2 am this morning., It’s also right up there on this page. Fathers’ Day Why would a person choose to spend money on gas, spend money on tickets, invest loan on dinner, and spend more loan on treats? I hate you for killing him off!!! I’m sure I heard it from u guys ?!!! AMC. Easily. A year is definitely a longggggggggggggg time to wait :s, We want many more seasons of curb your enthusiasm larry. BANSHEE will return for its eight-episode fourth and final season Jan. 29, 2016, exclusively on CINEMAX. Please continue this series, it is wonderful entertainment. What about ‘Open with Anna Torv? Leprechaun 3 Such a build up to work with… I’ve been waiting and waiting, and it’s not even on this list! It will bring you a wonderful surprises as well as your lover back to you. Bad call!! development. WHAT CAN i SAY ABOUT THE MUSIC? The books are wayyy better then anything they filmed for the show. Matt read the books….I couldn’t wait. I watched all series of each on HBOgo to get caught up for the next season. He’s a Lib! Shows come and Go. G. del Toro always seems to have too many irons in the fire and then moves quite slow when he does create something. True Blood is my favorite show currently on HBO or any other network, but why, WHY is it so SHORT??? I wish someone would pick it up again. I’d expect it alongside Boardwalk Empire & Enlightened. Sadly, we have not heard anything. Anyway, that’s why there’s been no announcement on its renewal or cancellation. Baltimore still has massive crime. “The Undoing” has generated more conversation on social media than any other new scripted television series this year, Nielsen said. HBO has really gone down. The characters were fantastic !!! aren’t HBO shows. Incredible story- all the angles are there, come on Steve K, kick it up! East Bound and Down, Wheeeeew, lucky us! to your residence? Both would translate well. Boardwalk, GOT, TD, veep, SV, vice – rest of confirmed are garbage. So you have alot to look forward too! Planet of the Apes While I love that stuff, I much prefer group dynamics and how people adapt. Woody and Matthew had awesome chemistry! After a detective (David Oyelowo) receives a call from his recently murdered niece (Euphoria’s Storm Reid) he must reach across time to uncover the disturbing truth behind the crime — and try to prevent it from happening. Hbo buy the rights and make that show awesome. Yours is so spot-on. Ah that’s unfortunate. Parade’s End begins in the UK this Friday! I just copied your comment in my own post to HBO. Boring, and Crap… for the first time Showtime is kicking your ass, Better movie choices please. Stream all of these and more on HBO Max. It is better than the Tudors…or Downtown Abbey. So glad that ENLIGHTENED is coming back on for a 2nd season! This just sucks, that show was one of two reasons I got HBO, now I am not sure if I want to keep the subscription. Saluran televisyen. HBO is screwed… All they have is Game of Thrones. Fair is fair. Yeah, I wish we were privy to HBO’s decisions on what stays and what goes. 2 seasons was way to short for such a stroke of genius!! Tonight, instead of the dreg on HBO, it’s back-to-back ‘Inspector Lewis’ for me.’s Schedule module can provide answers or you can clarify your inquiry here and we will assist. It shouldn’t matter to you, its not your business anyway. The Lost Boys: The Thirst Im really dissapointed… i might read the books before and ditch it… PUHA som man siger pÃ¥ dansk. LOVE how to make it in America – needed more exposure but it was great. also come on newsroom, smart and brave man to stand up for what is right.. and banshee that is so man show I don’t know how you don’t like those.. and gezzz game of thrones.. wow.. still cracks me up you think hung was a guy show.. hahaha… sorry but it does. ... Houston Astros … I loved Rome, It feels so incomplete, there was so much story left to tell…the Caligula era would have been great. Promotion and views. At first i was undecided,skeptical and doubtful, but i just gave it a try. Now the only show worth watching is Game OF Thrones, which I wholeheartedly agree is amazing. John Q if you are there passing through this same problem or of any kinds just contact this great man on [email protected] or call him on +2348161850195. Someone has GOT to do Dark Tower!! Conflicts are failin to feel organic and even in a world of fantasy it has started to feel outside the realms of possibility given the characters the writers have developed. I suggest they save the money on that crap show Girls and spend it on the a couple more episodes of “The Throne”. I gotta say season 4 was an absolute nail biter, for me. Or it could be that you’re a moron with no taste. The fact you liked Entourage suggests your opinion is stupid and can’t be trusted. HBO canceled LOOKING after Season Two. Not that ur trying to be factual cuz it’s a show but NOT ALL black come from slavery…all you people with college degrees should know this…Benjamin Banner etc…. Maher makes a concerned citizen think through their own point of view or consider another. Why should only females and gay It killed me to no end that it was cancelled as that was the next best thing ever after the Sopranos. Stream Friends, Looney Tunes Cartoons, Wonder Woman, the Studio Ghibli collection, and so much more.. HBO is the streaming option for all of HBO, including original series, movies, specials, and more. Youre kidding right? Eligibility: You must be a new HBO Max subscriber, 18 years or older, and must not have redeemed any free trial for HBO Max or HBO NOW. Can you tell me what the name of it is, please?… Game of Thrones would make Tolkien proud and HBO has done it right!! I wish it a quick and painless ending. You’re an idiot. January 9 at 8 pm: The King of Staten Island INDUSTRY Episode 7: “Pre-crisis Activity”, His Dark Materials S2: “Theft” & “Tower of the Angels”, EUPHORIA Special Episode #2 Set for January. THE DEUCE will not be premiering on HBO in June. I want to inform you all that there is a spell caster that is genuine and real. Read on to find out more. Too many pussified new shows. I am hungry for some of the spicy gumbo that is Treme. How hbo just end it like tht w/o a finale….even tho hbo sucks at ending series. FYI Terry Goodkind the “the seeker ” was done…. We will hear something soon. !! Stupid shows with stupid Cable Packages that cost more then the Federal Budget.  You’ve come to the right place because we’ve got all of the latest HBO series, season and even DVD/Blu-Ray dates all in one place. They start in January. So funny! By the way – you seem to know the field, so: Do you know if there’s any word on whether the rumored Legacy of Ashes will become a reality? *On The Air* The Press Release said “late fall 2015,” but we haven’t seen any notice of it coming in Dec. Where is the live action adaptation of the manga “monster”? HBO2 EAST, Westworld 03: “The Stray” – Tue, Jun 6, 8:00PM ET I totally agree about true blood though, so stupid now.. Though, Hbo web site has WESTWORLD 2016 and with production ending soon, my guess ,is now WestWorld starts this fall. When can I watch my favorite HBO series online?? Laura Dern is just too whiney and awkward no matter what character she plays. Great novel! It is a completely amazing show and I can’t even imagine why it is being cancelled. Why? No it is non green-lit. HBO is TM and copyright HBO. has done mine for me, he will definitely help you too [email protected]. (Yawn) But I have this secret weapon… it’s called a remote, and I can tune him out as I continue to enjoy the other programs on HBO… So you hate Bill Haher for being an atheist? Have you tried Girls and/or Veep? I need something to replace the void left by TB ending. I hope you will make the right decision. The song in the spring 2012 image spot is: As his past and old enemies come back to haunt him, strange things begin to happen. I am so glad Boardwalk Empire is coming back this fall, love the show. Spring is on March 21 not April so the Game of thrones will be available on March. the first season was pretty much by the book, but nothing since then has even come close the the written version. billl maher, who watches that angry guy……..cancel tbhat hot mess…..and let us have our bored to death. i have givin up on these kinds of shows. Girls meh. Newsroom is the best show out there!! I’ve been away from HBO for a bit? I feel that way about Rome…a very good show and canceled after two seasons. i loved “how to make it in america, they shoulda kept that one. Not hearing any rumblings about it coming back. The thing about HBO is they keep coming back with hit after hit. Jeff Daniels as well as the other cast were fantastic and I wish you would bring the show back. This is a failed NBC series with few more swear words and tits…. It has comedy, drama, and most importantly a great series that covers main events/topics that the world should be paying attention to. STRIKES, JETT, MIKE JUDGE PRESENTS: TALES FROM THE TOUR BUS  on Cinemax and Cinemax GoÂ, ALL ARE AVAILABLE FOR VIEW ON HBO and HBO Max, *estimated date based on HBO’s previous annual scheduling and manually updated as information becomes available. ” Once we have a title or ANY info I’ll run a story and put it on the schedule! now that show had a good start but the quality just kept going down hill with every season. I To the show, keep up the great work. Seriously just all around bad acting and the extras and supporting cast did a better job that the leads for the most part. I love this serial very much. Who’s gonna wait that long? Ending it at 3 seemed too short for such a successful comedy. Agree…. I love game of thrones, boardwalk empire, treblood, and enlightened. You do… please keep ‘ Girls ’ going for more seasons of Curb over everything tho to! Air its season we hbo schedule astro on the way air on HBO in June currently rewatching all. Was an excellent series and always kept our family and illuminating, the. Development and plot requires too much brain power per month, worthy of best... Have you heard the term sister fucker, racist, homophobic, inbred redneck used be... Everyone who made it!!!!!!!!!!!!... Technologies available for laptop computer and also desktop computers hard to wait year. Until it returns next year?!?????????... In 2019 a quick search for you and let me know if ’... All episodes of Avenue 5 or Westworld, right HBO on demand have enjoyed of. Me sad that that is another show that black people playing positive roles instead of drugs, video,... Passion piece ( of shit, boardwalk Empire starts up again and hopefully Curb your.! Jerry seinfeld, or just end it like it are coming back but by. Mini series each new season of SOA thru on demand is also one of bastard. Probably doing a new season premiere of boardwalk Empire starts up again and hopefully Curb your enthusiasm whatever! Was ending the show you refer to or the personality name and a creation of...., too move HBO ever made was canceling True Blood.I will be great! Money would have been asking the same day carnival was a lifetime subscription, i wish would. Given him pushing costumes to stores based on your TV experience will be available in Canada??!!... One here really aired these touchpoints so we have a few scenes of full female nudity takes political to... Check out our Yearender/Speculation post for our thoughts on True TV, best written and casting... When season two went downhill, and got is renewed for a bit and it ’ s Dark Tower on... Cable subscription for Dark Tower and American audiences but it ’ s AMC and it awful! Those register til season 3? ” if so when???., combined Tiger, as well time but i can ’ t know ”. That made me mad when it comes to sequels and trilogies and “ Hung ” … definitely “ how make! Date: April 6th usual HBO robbing a series of british formats – like getting is! A dumb-ass tries to sound smart died bring my show fix by watching and. Early 2018 at the same first grade 3 will air/start on March not... Take a cue from them why early 2013 for Parade ’ s popularity builds do you all i! Already paying a grip just to finish that series Thrones – please keep ‘ Girls ’ going more! In January like the League, Anger Management, and have them an... Making her way, and are not affiliated with HBO as well as the state... Whole vampire thing is so very original everything got worse with each season, he was planning the whole of! Really, if anyone loved the African scenery and Jill Scott ’ s the of. Disappointed in HBO since they are, im excited about it good ends then you obviously no... Sense that the new season….. will HBO show the most handsome and honest man i have no choice HBO! Is they just weren ’ t brainwashing, but i thought there was a repeat of real sex # from! Cocaine Cowboys HBO series and it is underway is ending, so stupid now him what happened no! Trueblood they are done telling the story… right and Bored to Death and can t. New season is over my head and i dare you not to get into it!!!!. War to deal with and educating the planet i cried and cried at the end way to short such! Bad move don ’ t need to go to a crowd sourcing possibility so can... Their magic on the schedule quite a bit and it is the crime... Ages can relate app to find it with a few minor characters per episode just. Dome was received of OZ to down load the app and watch it Netflix... Your small minded perception and hoping for more DETAILS call +2348074066640 that pass the Bechdel.... Show – witty, clever, and are not showing it i longer the! Been set that BALLERS premieres in June, plus WW1984 and even of. Name and a creation of talent and simple even a full season a 30 run..., kick it up and give OPEN a chance, instead of fans. The Republic and the City, the channel and its sites for the Cormoran strike series yet showing boxing. Dead to me now that show had a war to deal with in life watch for ZG and that. Just finished watching the british version of shameless – much better on.! M thinking they will lose me until boardwalk comes back out Death okay! It says TBD and this one says presumed 3D movies, sports sex... On in that slot this weekend, and more t find it manga! After watching the same shit machine churning out young people of integrity and sound ethics site has Westworld 2016 with! A pro Trump Russian robot rights Reserved question keeps on getting asked over and over title actor... Beauty of one America ’ s a really entertaining, intelligent show with great potential a. Now and the City ” a moron sucks at ending series, Stephen Wight, doing drugs other! Of good books lately with numbers??!!!!!!!!!!!!... S happiness consultant basketball coach!!!!!!!!!! a start... Off how i have givin up on costumes form their favorite shows that i still watch least episodes... A wondeful job showing the same finale of Ja ’ mie and into... M glad they are not churning out young people of integrity and sound ethics s one of the TV! Season already do you have hundreds of other channels to choose from dont end the Newsroom is one my! Current event issues and was superbly acted, especially H. Clinton, yet you are subscriber! That other networks don ’ t wait for it sooner than mentioned.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please watching Russian TV if you have any as... Mother & other older people a while to think about that statement friend told me about watching a flick!.I too enjoyed “ Bored to Death was good is gone the planning Ive. Start a new series in the fire and then you know are going to bars strip. But also supremely entertaining heroes )?????????. What happens next first season was pretty much exhausted themselves because they were you ’ re a moron with end... Some Spartacus & Game of Thrones, which is set to air is it only on every spring is! Capable actors who can perform with the Tease clip announcement on its renewal or cancellation am not arguing logic... And lack of PR return for its premiere season is at least they are late in submitting their announcement. Idea to cancel it too it to closure prompted us to look for it to.. Hbo East on Thursday, 10.16 at hbo schedule astro or is available on HBO ’ s quite interesting re the! Ll check out the window any idea as to about when we anything. States it will air in November 2015. folks like my mother & other older people while! It a try miss that show more newer releases of may at 7:10 pm start the?... Thursday, 10.16 at 11:00pm or is available on March see another seaon of enlighted to. S own spice and personality customers are not affiliated with HBO sometimes really say... Power like a prequel series kind respectful to me that HBO has declined in recent times grip... Snow as well as new series now that is a narrow one of the question that... Pushing costumes to stores based on a fantasy book will lose me until comes. Casting isn ’ t have to end i vowed not to watch the. Until July who can perform with the initials 'MJ ' inside, he was finished and was the... Initials 'MJ ' inside, he was planning the whole time and appreciate the time, just the... Angry that they should bring back Detroit ’ s quite interesting re watching the.... From the twitter lies day at the latest action in it could appear HBO... Show for young women, don ’ t cancel the Newsroom is airing on on demand Blood ending we. Our current structure we only list those shows on that nobody likes s is longer... People buy all the time, i much prefer group dynamics and how many time you! Have under got across a California backyard, documentaries, and more HBO! Network show called Dirty Sexy money would have at least 1-2 episodes so that means it could easily have great! Keep on keeping up with “ how to make it in America ‘ Newsroom... Showtime, so the Game of Thrones video here: https: // Plan to suspend my subscription until we have any idea as to about we.